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Out dated ceilings can be made beautiful again not to mention add value to your home.



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We offer a wide range of interior services that can be customized to meet your needs. From renovations to new construction drywall no residential project is to large for us. With over 20 year experience in popcorn removal texture & drywall rehabilitation, wallpaper removal, painting, patch and repair work we will have your project covered.

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  & Repairs

Popcorn Removal

when removing popcorn the ceilings will need to be textured as the surface is not smooth for paint knockdown or orange peel are most common.


Renovations and small repair jobs are always welcomed, from  kitchen remodeling to entire home renovating. You will always have a quality job with friendly service.

The removal of wallpaper can be a long and tedious process that most people haven't the time for, we can take care of wallpaper removal for you.

Question: How long does the removal of popcorn and texture to be applied take?

Question:  Will our house be a mess when you're done with popcorn removal?

Answer: Every job is different we can usually handle up to 3000 Sf. in a single day.

Answer: No we leave your house as clean as it was when we started.

Question: Does knockdown texture need to be painted?

Answer: Yes it is very important to paint the ceilings to protect them, this is the reason popcorn falls down.

Question: Does your company have a warranty on your work?

Answer: Yes on new construction drywall and all drywall renovation and repair will have 1 year warranty. Popcorn resprays will have the same 1 year warranty if our company paints the ceilings. Reason for that is we want to make sure it's done with quality paint to insure it will last for years to come. However, if you have a reputable painting contractor that can supply us with the type paint and if it meets our standards prior to painting we will honor the 1 year warranty.

Question: If a representative from you're company gives me a in house estimate will i receive any high pressure sales tactics?

Answer: Absolutely not, we don't conduct business that way.

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